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45 Business Ideas We Loved in 2011


Business news most popular stories of 2011 were the ones that gave aspiring entrepreneurs new business ideas. They came up with lots of different business ideas ranging from the technical to the domestic. Despite a lingering recession, they feel confident there are still many viable startup opportunities, especially for entrepreneurs that want to start small. In 2012, business news daily bring you dozens of new ideas, here’s a roundup of our favorite business ideas of the year.

  1. Career coach
  2. Personal social media consultant
  3. Memory organizer
  4. Invasive species pest management
  5. Tablet app development
  6. Online video production
  7. Specialty foods provider
  8. Online privacy management
  9. PR for socially responsible businesses
  10. Personal concierge
  11. Senior care services
  12. Resale retail
  13. Home day care
  14. Yard work
  15. Computer maintenance
  16. Cleaning service
  17. Energy efficiency consultant
  18. Recycler
  19. Pet sitter
  20. Organizer
  21. Virtual assistant
  22. Translator
  23. Cost cutter
  24. Social media consultant
  25. Copywriter 
  26. Health insurance consultant
  27. Home Renovation
  28. Tree care
  29. Taxi service
  30. Local farming
  31. Commuting service  
  32. Residential environmental-assessment service
  33. Small-biz social media 
  34. Interior design
  35. Education consultant
  36. Kids consignment shop
  37. Local Internet marketing consultant
  38. App designer
  39. Green consultant
  40. Off-hours child care
  41. Ecommerce warehouse/shipping
  42. Business security consultant
  43. Party business
  44. Tablet repair


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